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Lily Brooke Vintage Laser Engraved Jewelry & Gifts

Lily Brooke Vintage Laser Engraved Jewelry & Gifts specializes in custom HEAT MARKED and TRADITIONAL LASER ENGRAVED necklaces, bracelets, earrings & key chains for your specialized gift giving needs.
What is HEAT MARKED LASER ENGRAVING?  We occasionally get a customer that is worried that the engraving will come off because it seems to be on the surface.  Heat Marked laser engraving is a unique process where heat is used on the metal to laser engrave the image onto the surface.  We love it b/c it leaves the surface smooth as silk and does not "carve" into the surface, which leaves space for dirt and grime to get into.  Of course, some of our work does have the traditional laser engraving, the carved look, however, it is not carved very deep, leaving very little opportunity to get grimy.  The Heat Marking will NOT come off, cannot be polished off, and keeps the surface smooth.  Most of our name tags are done in this manner.  Don't can't mess these up!  Just enjoy!

Our Talk To the Paws Line offers a Heat Marked laser engraved line of dog breeds and memorial/remembrance jewelry, gifts, and pet ID tags.  Jewelry to memorialize your special furry family member are popular as gifts.  If you don't see your breed, please ask.  Because we now have the laser engraver, just about any breed is at our fingertips.  The only thing we can't do is a mixed breed because, well, they are all unique.  Occasionally we can take on custom work and do your own pet if the image is a high resolution and the background clutter is minimal.  Depends on our workload at the time.  Please allow extra time to complete this kind of work.  No rush orders on these please.  Extra costs will apply.